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06/05 11th unofficial meeting / as a PS




  • consecutive (a)

SmartPhone has consecutive developing model, you can use new function by updating. とか。

Table Topic: Two words comparison

  • rabit and lion
  • dog and cat
  • e-mail and letter wirte by hand
  • bed and futone
  • comic and books

Prepared Speach

Title is "Smart Phone". I try to persuade to buy Smart Phone in comming autumn.

  • beginning : Do you have a Smart Phone?
  • Body A: History from i-mode to Android
  • Body B: specificated point (Touch panel, many sensors)
  • Body C: Example (photo by camera)
  • Conclution: Recommented again

2 points are importants, 1)Use it with natual gesture (by touching) 2) Do everything by simple way (touch and appli).

If you want to know why comming autumn, you buy me a dinner (;

New Keywoards for me

  • consecutive (a)
  • Dementor (n)
  • admire (v)
  • herbivorous
  • carnivorous
  • noble
  • folding paper
  • be immersed in English
  • until then
  • posture
  • perception
  • era
  • scatter
  • wither
  • mysterious

TIPS for learning English

Another speaker do this presentation. That's cool for me. Thanks a lot!

  1. NHK Program
  2. be immersed in English
  3. teach English to child
  4. Step TEST: good way to study grammer
  5. Lets speak English